CrewFellow is new. Developed by and for skippers. The goal during the development of CrewFellow was ‘always online’: connected to the world. With that goal in mind, a team of programmers developed a series of apps that collect and combine information worldwide.

The technology is able to combine data collected from all the sensors on board. With the aim to provide the skipper with important, real-time information. In a user-friendly and flexible manner, it enriches your sailing experience. CrewFellow suits you.


'The all-in-one onboard intelligence platform'

Roy Heiner (Olympic Games, Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup)



Digitalising the sailing experience has only been around for a couple of years. The only piece missing was something that connected everything. CrewFellow combines the essential hardware with open source software. This innovation has been tested worldwide by different teams. A sailing team navigated from the Netherlands via Portugal to Suriname aided by CrewFellow. In the Netherlands ex-Olympic athlete Roy Heiner tested one of the first version of CrewFellow on the IJsselmeer and the North Sea.



“If CrewFellow exists 20 years ago, I would use it for practically everything. Because it connects your boat to the world. It easily provides clarity when you are underway: what is the layout of the marina you are sailing to? With the push of a button, CrewFellow shows this information on the chart on the screen of your tablet, laptop or smartphone. It is comparable to the Lonely Planet you take with you when you are travelling. It helps you with the preparation, so that you have more time to relax and enjoy when you are travelling.”