CrewFellow is experienced in the portal - both online and offline. Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the BaseStation and open the virtual dashboard in your browser. Do you always want access to real-time weather information? Do you prefer to easily see what is happening around you? Do you feel more comfortable visualising the navigational lights? The portal is fully customisable to suit your wishes.

The developers of CrewFellow wrote countless apps with smart solutions for your hardware and communication. Drag the apps you find essential onto your dashboard. Or combine measurements in a widget so you never again have to calculate how the wind speed influences your course over ground. And the number of apps will only increase, mainly because users and other parties can develop their own software for the digital platform.


Make your own markers

Generate your own markers with practical information. Imagine you pass a location you have additional information about. For example the opening times of a lock or the address of a great restaurant you would like to go back to. Make a marker in the portal and the next time you won’t need to search for the information. You can even share your markers with other users.